About InMotion

Deliver your orders to your 
clients doorstep in 24 hours by a team who have more than 7 years of experience in the shipping field.

Inmotion stated by a comprehensive team of professionals

and masterminds with a vast experience in transport and logistics. The main vision is meeting the market need and filling the gap with regard to moving and transport companies.

It is important to mention that scanning the market unveils

a great amount of moving companies, yet they lack the quality threshold and international standards that make it competitive internationally. In addition, there is another point of weakness which is almost no one – a moving company or agency- is specialized in a certain category or service from A to Z

Having all of that in mind, “Inmotion" has taken it on its shoulder

as the crucial responsibility to change the market and add a value that clients and customers truly deserve. We would consider ourselves as more specialized in Heavy Materials and Items

Inmotion spares no effort or resources to utilize the best packing material and personnel along with assuring our clients full compensation for any damage happening throughout the moving process, which is rare to happen.